How old!? How much!?

When I started my business I had to write a business plan. Part of the plan included a description of my 'target market' and from an age perspective, that wasn't easy. I always felt that my pieces would reach all ages...and they do!

So far, to my knowledge as I have not been lucky enough to meet all my customers face to face, I have sold pieces to children of 10, adults of 80+ and everyone in between. From brightly coloured BIG watches that POP!, to one off investment pieces that have found their person. It really is the greatest joy to witness someone's eyes light up when they catch sight of something that speaks to them, that instant connection that grabs them. I am uniting people with the accessories meant for them, connecting people to something new that maybe they had dared not wear before or bringing people the jewellery and accessories they have been searching for!

I receive lots of positive comments from people when I attend markets, the sight of my stall makes them smile and draws them in. Maybe to say 'hello' or 'WOW' or 'this is different', maybe to make a purchase, maybe to try something on or maybe just to take in the colours and the choice, but each interaction is very important to me.

Even the occasional wrinkle of someone's nose as they mutter 'oh god' or 'those are ridiculous' or with a giggle 'look at the size of those earrings', at the very least they will remember me and although it may not be their taste, they may know someone whose taste it is. Everyone is welcome here, regardless. Stopping and staring is mandatory!

So, what are you are parting with your hard earned cash for? Well, of course it is a physical item, a piece of costume jewellery...and so so much more:

  • a feeling

  • a concept

  • a style

  • an investment

  • a one off

  • something handmade

  • something specifically designed

  • armour

  • protection

  • joy

  • confidence

  • and whatever else it means to you!

You can't put a price on what something means to you, it is entirely individual and highly personal. Looking though Vogue magazine's jewellery supplement this month, there is a beautiful blue aluminium cuff by Hermes, simple, stylish and statement. £550 is a lot of money to some, but those who buy designer pieces do so as an investment, maybe part of a collection because it brings them immense joy and they appreciate it isn't something that everyone else is going to have. It's not fast fashion.

Everything has it's place from fast fashion to designer. Personally, my business is not fast fashion, nor do I want it do be. As much as I utterly love all the pieces I design and make, I don't want there to be many of far at least 95% of my pieces are one offs.

I search all over for the right materials that will satisfy my need to bring my designs to life. I buy materials in small batches and sometimes find that I cannot get particular items again...the search is constant, mainly because it's a thrill, especially when I can actually see

what is in my head or as a sketch on a piece of paper, coming to life. This drive will only continue to ensure I bring you exactly what you want and all the feelings that come with your perfect BIG pieces!

BIG love always

Roz xx

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