aftercare of your big beautiful jewellery and accessories

Costume Jewellery is to be looked after and kept in a safe place, to ensure a lasting and beautiful investment.

Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night.

Do not immerse in water or allow direct contact with cosmetics, perfume, lotions or excessive perspiration.

Do not sleep in your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in a dark place away from the open air.  If metal elements look to become a little tarnished, gentle rubbing with a soft cloth or duster should restore shine.

To keep your acrylic jewellery looking spick and span, use a microfibre cloth (the sort you get with a pair of spectacles) to remove dust and fingerprints.  Make sure your cloth is clean and dust free and rub lightly to avoid scratching the jewellery surface.  For anything more stubborn a little dab of water should do the trick.

All scarves are washable at 30 degrees.

Oil cloth and faux leather bags can be wiped clean with warm water and a clean cloth.

Faux suede bags can be wiped clean with a dry clean cloth.

Watch faces can be cleaned gently with a dry clean cloth and the straps can be cleaned with a damp cloth as required.


Most importantly......ENJOY your fabulous jewellery and accessories! xx