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I have an overactive and insatiable enthusiasm for BIG jewellery and accessories.  Like you, I have struggled for years to find the kind of jewellery that is BIG enough, unique enough and statement enough, so I have created this amazing collection for you.

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My Story

When visiting my grandparents, I remember being fascinated by my grandma's dressing table where she kept her makeup and jewellery.  I can't remember whether I was actually allowed in her bedroom, but I always found myself in there on the way back from the bathroom.  She didn't

wear much makeup but always used face powder and a coral coloured lip stick.  She wore

Eau de Cologne (Original 4711) with the most ornate gold and turquoise packaging, a

fresh and unmistakable fragrance, quite masculine I thought.  She enjoyed accessories,

scarves and necklaces mainly.  I would drape her long necklaces round my neck, glass,

wood or plastic beads, of all colours and I still have some of them today, plus her bottle of

Eau de cologne.   

Being from a working class background I wasn't surrounded by valuable stones, jewels or

precious metals.  Instead, I saw costume jewellery, bright, colourful, expressive and stylish.  My love for BIG, STATEMENT jewellery overtook any desire for precious metals or stones; as much as I can appreciate their beauty, they didn't speak to me like costume jewellery did, it just wasn't 'me'.

As a kid I loved watching my mum get ready, do her makeup and see what she had chosen to wear for the day, always smart, always chic and always stylish.  For many years she had a sharp brunette bob (think Louise Brooks, the 1920's/30's American film actress) and wore bright red lipstick.  She knew fashion and she had style; classic style, trench coats, leather gloves, ankle boots and a crisp white shirt were just a few of her wardrobe essentials.  She used to read Vogue magazine which I loved to flick through, only ever looking at the pictures; I wasn't a reader.

My mum wasn't the most outgoing or confident person, however she would never apologise for style and she would never compromise on it either

So, fast forward to January 2020 - I hit rock bottom.  

Having had a successful career in social housing, the NHS and the private care sector spanning 22 years, I had a breakdown.  The 4 or so years prior to this had been challenging to say the least, marriage breakdown and years of unresolved emotions spanning most of my life.  During the beginning of my recovery it became clear that I was no longer able to walk that career path any longer.

So, what next?  

Well, my anxious brain has always been calmed by certain things like plinky plunky

music (you know the CD's they have playing in gift shops sometimes, dolphins

singing, waves lapping and rain falling, that sort of thing), crystals, aromatherapy,

horses, new shoes, crisps and most of all the freedom to express myself through

acccessories; particularly jewellery - the bigger the better.  Think Iris Apfel......a

fiesty New Yorker who is fiercely unapologetic for her choice

of style, with particular focus on accessories and wearing lots of them at

any one time!  Her iconic large, round, black framed glasses.  When I look at her

I get it, it's adorning ones self with what makes you 'you', what

makes you feel good and what says "here I am and I love it!"

The irony for me is that, as an anxious person, I feel more confident the more out there and statement my jewellery is, naturally drawing attention that for years made me so comfortable, because I was so bothered about what other people thought of me.  Not any more, the more people that stare the better.  It's a great conversation starter!

Over the years I struggled to find (affordable) jewellery that was big enough or 'out there' enough to satisfy my needs.  It was rare that anything 'spoke' to me.  However, when I did find it, be it chunky links on a necklace, bracelet cuff or huge 'knuckle duster' ring, the joy was immense!

The initial inspiration to start making my own jewellery came from a pair of very large wire earrings (from H&M I think), in the shape of faces.  As soon as I laid eyes on them I was excited, my very soul had been fed by the sight of these pieces and I had to have them.  I feel like superwoman when I wear them!  As this find was rare, I thought if I can't find it, I'll make it!  So I did, albeit not very successfully to start with and I quickly discovered that wire work was not for me.  But the idea of creating BIG jewellery was not waning, at all!

I had trouble sleeping some nights due to the buzz of ideas swirling round in my head, the excitement of what had been unearthed was immense.   Sketching designs at 3am sat at my kitchen table was not unusual, exhausting though!  Sketching design after design, colour mixing and matching, sourcing materials so I could turn my ideas into a reality......this fire could not be extinguished and I didn't want it to be!

Hang on!  Starting my own business?  I can't do that, can I?

By this time, I was having regular counselling sessions and was in touch with my local Job Centre having made a claim for Universal Credit.  The Job Centre assigned me a work coach who would help me to find employment (this terrified me, job interviews, 9-5pm office work, meeting new colleagues etc etc)  OR - I could be referred to their New Enterprise Scheme, which would assign me a business mentor who would talk through my business idea, help me to write a business plan and provide support for the first 12 months of trading.

The BIG Jewellery Company is now 9 months old and I couldn't be happier or more proud.

It is the most wonderful feeling to be able to bring you all fabulous, handmade, statement jewellery that will make you feel like you have super powers when you wear it!

BIG love always




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